Parents, patients, and even some dentists all ask orthodontists “When should a patient first visit the orthodontist?”  The American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association both agree that the first visit to the orthodontist should be at age 7. Other age groups also benefit from properly timed orthodontic care.

As parents ourselves, we at Valley Orthodontic Group care about providing families with affordable orthodontic care.

Dr. Grob and his staff can offer families several flexible payment options.

At Valley Orthodontic Group we believe that several areas including medical needs, correcting jaw problems, and stopping bad habits should be the focus of early treatment.  We like to consider this helping to shape the face and mouth for the future.  One of our first priorities is to ensure that the bones and muscles of the face are forming correctly.  This part of early treatment involves establishing proper face muscle balance.

Proper tooth and jaw alignment can save a person from a lifetime of struggling with certain dental related problems.  By focusing on both dentofacial aesthetics and specific dental needs, orthodontists put the face first.  This guarantees that their patients receive both a beautiful smile balanced with their facial features and the best care possible.

Get A Great Smile For Life™ Guaranteed in Peoria, AZ!

Board certified orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Grob “Answers Your Questions and Addresses Your Concerns” while delivering high quality affordable orthodontic care!

Dr. Daniel Grob and his talented Valley Orthodontic Group team work together always creating a positive experience and Great Smile For Life for each and every patient.  The practice incorporates the most advanced treatment and diagnostic techniques in the area that include sophisticated occlusal analysis and Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging.  Combine that with over 25 years of clinical experience creating hundreds of Great Smiles and you may rest assured that Dr. Grob and his team will make your office visits a rewarding experience.

An Orthodontic Experience You Can Trust in Peoria

Our Family Smile Plan encourages everyone from age 6 to over 60 to visit the orthodontist.  There are three levels of care offered at Valley Orthodontic Group.  “Face First Therapy” is the level for younger children, “Gold Standard” care is for adolescents, and “Comprehensive Adult” care is for, you guessed it, adults.  Comprehensive Adult treatment is also often completed with specific requests from a patient’s family dentist.  If a person is not ready for braces or appliances, there are still countless benefits to an evaluation!  We are always open to a discussion of second opinions on current and future needs for creating a Great Smile!

There are several financing options in our Affordable Smile Program to meet the needs of your family and your budget. We accept most dental and insurance plans and also accept assignment of benefits.

Another option in creating a Great Smile includes Clear and Comfortable options like Invisalign and virtually invisible clarity clear appliances from 3M that SHOW YOUR SMILE AND NOT YOUR BRACES!

The basis of our practice is our Great Smile For Life Guarantee that ensures you will only pay 1 Treatment Fee for your Great Smile for life.
Our office is a fun environment! We strive to have a friendly, warm, and always lively atmosphere where conversations are encouraged and smiles come naturally!  If and when you are ready to take the next step toward orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, please contact Valley Orthodontic Group at 623-572-2683 for a FREE orthodontic consultation and get ready to start smiling more!

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