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Introducing the iTero Scanner

We are 1 of only 3 orthodontic practices in the Valley currently offering this amazing technology to patients! Schedule an appointment today and see what Invisalign can do for you with the iTero’s Invisalign outcome simulator!

Dental care has come a long way. While older methods of dental treatments were often more invasive and required long periods of time between stages due to having to send out lab work and dental appliance creation. However, there are now new methods of many of these treatments that allow patients to get fast treatment so they only have to visit the dentist’s office once, rather than having to go through a series of appointments to get the work done. The iTero scanner is one of the tools general practitioners and orthodontists can use to ensure their patients get the ultimate in care.

An Advanced Dental Scanning Tool

In the past, dental professionals had to use impressions using a special cement. These impressions were sent to an external lab to create the dental appliances individuals needed. This could take weeks and was often expensive for dental professionals and patients. Today, the iTero scanner can provide a fast, easy way to take impressions without the mess. This compact machine is easy to place in any dental office, regardless of the amount of space you have. The advanced wand features built-in controls and gyro technology built right in to ensure every scan is as precise as possible. Because the scanner is digital, it can electronically connect to external labs and other systems that can benefit from this information.

A Fast, Efficient Dental Scan

If you’ve ever experienced the older method of taking impressions, you likely don’t remember a pleasant experience. While there are less enjoyable things that can take place in a dental office, these scans are no longer necessary. the iTero scanner is designed to take quality, reliable 3D images dentists can show to their patients in real time, giving them greater insight into their treatment plan. The latest version, the iTero Element scanner, can scan up to 20 times faster than the previous versions, making it fast and easy to take the impressions you require. In fact, it takes images at up to 6,000 frames per second.

Continuous Scanning in Color

One of the best parts of the iTero scanner is its ability to continuously scan the teeth with one fluid motion rather than having to stop and take images at certain points. While it’s important to get the training necessary to perform the scan with the best results, it is extremely easy to use. Patients will be able to view the scans in full-color as they are taken so they can see exactly what you’re seeing. Images are processed and rendered on the screen. With the color in the scans, it’s easy to see the details to help build a more effective treatment plan. Data is saved every 20 seconds to the system hard drive so there’s no need for battery backup to the system.

Integrate Everything Together

Dental treatments are much easier when you are able to implement everything together into one system. The connectivity of the iTero scanner allows you to easily connect into the rest of the computer systems in your office, as well as to third parties who may need the information. The system is designed to work with the Invsalign system to create the trays individuals need to accomplish their end goals. In addition, this scanner can be used with OrthoCAD and OrthoCAD Viewer.

Dental treatments have come a long way in recent years. Many of the older treatment methods were effective but are no longer the best ways to do things. With the introduction of the new iTero Element scanner is one of the best systems on the market to take digital impressions of the teeth for better treatments. This allows dental professionals and patients to see the state of the teeth in real time to make the best treatment decisions.

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