To keep your teeth, jaw and head from sustaining an injury while playing sports, custom mouth-guards are a necessity. However, when should a mouth-guard be used, what type is right for you, and what other benefits do you get from wearing a custom mouth guard?

Prevent Expensive and Serious Injuries

The most common injuries that can be prevented with a mouth guard are dental injuries. Chipped, cracked and lost teeth are all dental problems that will need immediate and costly repair. Without a mouth-guard, you can easily become victim to an impact of the skull base by a blow or elbow to the chin. Mouth-guards can also prevent players from sustaining a concussion and/or slipping out of consciousness. Jaw fractures are also serious injuries that a mouth-guard can prevent. A mouth-guard, therefore, should be used while playing any sport that could lead to the aforementioned injuries, such as basketball, horseback riding, baseball, boxing, hockey, and football.

Types of Mouth-guards

The cheapest mouth guards on the market are found in sporting goods stores and department stores. They are not only the least expensive, but the least effective as well. They come in a few sizes and can usually be modified to fit your mouth for better comfort. While this type of mouth guard is still better than wearing no protection, it may not prevent all injuries.

The better option to choose is a custom made mouth guard. The mouth guard will be made from a mold or impression of your mouth and designed according to your dental history and lifestyle to ensure maximum comfort and protection. For example, if you play tennis, the mouth-guard would not have to be as thick as it would be if you took part in boxing matches every Saturday night.

Other Benefits of Using a Mouth-guard

When you use a mouth guard, you encourage others to do the same. There isn’t a lot of information out there about mouth guards and safety, even when it comes to professional sports. In fact, only about half of hockey players in the NFL wear a mouth guard. Unfortunately, both sides have an influence on viewers who also play the sport. Perhaps if more celebrity athletes used mouth guards and helped educate communities through public service announcements, we would see more young athletes wearing them. Local dentists typically fill this role by making low cost mouth guards for school teams and educating kids about the importance of mouth guards.

To prevent dental injuries and injuries that can lead to head trauma, it is important to always wear a mouth guard while playing certain sports. While you may be tempted to pick one up at the local mall, we recommend making an appointment with your dentist for a custom made mouth guard that can offer full protection.

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