Dr. Grob’s Treatment by Twelve’s™

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The treatment system utilized by Scottsdale Orthodontic Care and pioneered by Dr. Grob is to be featured as the main continuing education article in the November issue of Dentaltown magazine, an international publication reaching over one hundred and fifty thousand dentists worldwide.

Treatment by Twelves™ is the systematic approach to taking care of patients with orthodontic needs that is understandable to patients, parents and dentists.

Utilizing all of the latest and advanced technologies and based on sound scientific research and publications, this system assures that all of the proper care will be delivered in a time and cost efficient manner based on the four biological variables influencing the outcome of orthodontic care.

They are, eruption of the teeth, growth of the jaws, function of the jaw joint and influence of facial musculature and airway.

Care is initiated or delayed based on the number of teeth present in the mouth and the problems present with those teeth.

The teeth to be included are the:

  • The First twelve permanent teeth include the four upper and lower incisors and first permanent molars.
  • The next twelve permanent teeth include the canines and bicuspids.
  • The four twelve-year molars are self-explanatory.

In upcoming blog posts, we will explain what the important issues are during each of the three-time periods.